About us


With a background in technology and a childhood in agriculture, Vultus was founded. The founder Robert Schmitt began exploring the possibilities of bringing new Sensory Technology to an arguably stagnant industry. Since then, the company has become world leaders in spectral analysis for farming, specializing in nitrogen analysis from satellite data. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to empower every farmer in the world to grow healthier plants at a lower cost and significantly reduce environmental harm.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to enable waste-free farming.

Our Core Values:

  • Openness - We share our knowledge, ideas, successes, and failures with each other. We give and receive constructive feedback, always listen and seek to understand what is being expressed. We strive to build a welcoming environment, where everyone is encouraged to voice their opinions and be themselves.
  • Trust - Our relationships are based on trust and honesty. We seek to understand and never judge. We are loyal to one another, we keep our word, respect each other and strive to be supportive as colleagues and friends.
  • Transparency - We believe that problems are solved faster when people are transparent. We communicate openly and express honest appreciation up, down and across the organizational structure and help each other to achieve our goals.
  • Strength in diversity - Our team consists of people from around the globe. Such diversity gives us unique and useful insights and strengthens our business. We value each other's differences and celebrate what makes each of us unique.

Meet Our Team

Robert Schmitt

Wei Jin
Design and Marketing


Denis Boissau
Director of Sales 

Abdalla Eltayeb
Geo-Spatial Data Analyst

Ophir Mubarik

Dr. Qiang Wang
Remote Sensing Specialist 

                     Kun Luo "Alex"                                 IT Manager             kun.luo@vultus.se 

                Yuwei Zhao                   Computer and Data Science

Daniel Söderström
IT Architect    

Chaitanya Ivvala
Dev Ops


Lena Bachmeyer
HR and Project Manager

                Max Franzke                       Business Development         max.franzke@vultus.se