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Short Summary of Vultus

Vultus enables waste free farming with satellite-based fertilizer prescriptions. We help farmers worldwide to save 40% of fertilizers to reduce pollution. Currently, we reach out to 6.5 million hectares, equivalent to double of Sweden's growing area.


  • Reach 6.5 million hectares with an estimated market value of €32.5m
  • Nitrogen technology demonstrated in practice
  • Recognized by international media in 45+ articles
  • International team of 11 from 9 countries

The Business

Today, farmers guesstimate the dosage critical inputs and spread them evenly across the field, despite large variation within fields. This leads to huge inefficiencies, for example, 60% of nitrogen goes to waste, leading to yield losses and environmental degradation.

Vultus is enabling waste-free farming by using satellite data to give farmers detailed information about the nutrient need and varying conditions within their fields. The main product is nitrogen prescription, which can reduce fertilizers by 40% and significantly increase yields.

The product includes an API, that connects with other Farm Management Platforms as a distribution partner. Through our four existing partnerships, we are reaching 6.5 million hectares across Europe and Asia.

The Market

We are targeting medium (100+ hectares) and larger farms across Europe. This relies heavily on Farm Management Systems. Current focus markets are Russia, Ukraine, UK, Germany, and France, where the market size is €1,1B. We will continue applying our model towards markets in the southern hemisphere, specifically targeting Brazil and Australia, where the market is €1,6B. Through a few key partnerships in each market, we can realistically reach a significant portion of each target market. 

Our Progress

Completion of the second version of processing pipeline with API integration. Nitrogen model developed and demonstrated at real farms in Sweden.

Established international partnerships with 5 Farm Management Systems, reaching a total of 6.5 million hectares. Over 100 more FMS lined up in our marketing pipeline.

Progress in the last 15 months:

  • 300,000€ Project funding awarded
  • 45+ Articles published about Vultus
  • 10 Competition prizes won with 20,000€ awarded

Our Objectives

During 2018 Vultus is launching in Europe, with planned expansion to Brazil and Australia in early 2019. In each individual market, we are launching with a local farm management platform as a distribution partner. With this strategy, the aim is to operate in all continents by 2020 through a partnership with 30 large farm management platforms.

We are projecting a revenue of 250,000€ 2018, with rapid growth to €2,5m in 2019 and €9m in 2020. We will continue to grow by deepening our market penetration, increasing our market reach, advancing our existing analysis and differentiating our offering to incorporate additional nutrient recommendations.

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