Smart Farming with FMS


Farm Management Systems or FMS, in short, are crucially important for modern agriculture. During the recent years, these systems evolved from simple book-keeping of everyday farming activities to highly complicated technologies that support farmers around the world in their business operations and help them optimize their production. FMS are highly beneficial to any farmer who wishes to maintain a high quality of their production, improve the safety of their daily work, increase profit as well as conform to certain agricultural industry standards.

FMS have a solution to any problem

It really doesn't matter what needs a farmer might have, they will most definitely find an FMS system that will help them achieve their goals. Whether they simply need a more organized way to keep track of their activities or, for example, would like to start using a comprehensive weather tracking and forecasting software, they have a host of different FMS providers to choose from.

The services of these FMS companies include crop management software, historical data of the farm, inventory and people management software, water quality assessment, soil analysis, production patterns, nitrogen recommendations, plant health analysis and other solutions that are designed to help farmers achieve better results.

3 Reasons why FMS are the future of agriculture

1.) Simplifies and strengthens farming operations

FMS provide farmers with detailed and up-to-date information about their farms and offer recommendations for improvement. The data that these systems collect help farmers discover weaker points within their business practices and help them strengthen their operations. FMS that basically work as a highly intelligent farm manager, help farmers most efficiently plan for the planting, fertilizing and cultivating of their yield.

2.) Healthier Plants & More Profit

Ones of the most beneficial services that FMS provide are plant health analysis and their fertilization prescriptions. This information enables farmers to use just a right amount of fertilizers, which boosts their health and achieves the optimal growth of the plants. Vultus nitrogen recommendations that are available only through certain FMS systems can help farmers save up to 40 percent of their fertilizers usage, which in turn helps them save the significant amount of money.

3.) Works as a marketplace for farmers

Different farmers that use the services of the same FMS provider can use the system as a marketplace. Within this system, they can collaborate with each other, make better-informed purchasing decisions and, in a way, take power away from the supplier. As such, these FMS systems can help farmers improve their practices not only on an individual level but also as a community. situation

Here at Vultus, we recognize the value that FMS create for all parties involved. Therefore, our plant health analysis and nitrogen prescription solution are optimized solely for the FMS providers.

  • Benefit for FMS: FMS provider benefits from our product as it enhances their platform through added value of nitrogen recommendations and plant health analysis. Our solution enables them to gain new revenue streams.
  • Benefit for Vultus: FMS providers help us enter new markets, as they offer our solution to the clientele that they already have.
  • Benefit for the farmer: As we discussed above, FMS create significant value for the farmer as they offer them very comprehensive and detailed insights about their farm and give them precise recommendations of how to improve their everyday tasks and increase the quality of their yield.
  • Benefit for us all: FMS providers together with our solution are also very helpful for our planet and the people around the world. These systems help farmers adopt more responsible and better farming practices that help prevent environmental problems that negatively affect all of us. But let's discuss these issues and how can we use sustainable technology to prevent them next week.