What's next for Vultus ?


Over the past 18 months, our team has grown from two co-founders with a vision of how remote sensing and information technologies could optimise farming practices. We are now a team of 10 with a diverse international background in business and development. And this is just the beginning, we are planning to hire new people in the next few month to continue our development.

We will soon launch our Crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, the equity crowdfunding platform for investing in startup. For that occasion, it is important to remind what it means to us, and for our future. The purpose of this investment round is to increase our growth and fuel our expansion to reach key business milestones and propell Vultus as a global leader within Nitrogen recommendations.

In order to develop our presence on the precision agriculture market, we will use 50 % of the money in partnership management, marketing material, events or digital ads. This actions will help us to operate in 5 countries by the end of 2019. For the development of our API, 35 % of the money will cover the wage cost, the software licences and the hardware. Further goals will be to add a tractor prescription module, a weather module, atmospheric calibration, compatibility with any spectral index and time series analyses. The other 15 % will help to maintain an excellent customer support and operational ease by covering the wage costs for customer support, the server costs and the overheads.

We also have the hope to be able to operate in Australia quite soon. A very interesting market for us because Australia is 8th agricultural country in the world, wheat and canola are representing 61 % of the crop production and where precision agriculture practices are starting to increase. In the future, we estimate that one more investment round will be required late 2019 to accelerate our growth and to continue developing the company internationally.