Our Technology

Spectral Signature

Vultus technology is centered around spectral and image analysis from remotely sensed data. Everything, from plants to vehicles, has unique spectral signatures that can be measured and quantified. Our unique insights into plant spectrometry allow us to quantify both plant health and nitrogen needs to give proprietary insight to farmers for precision farming. The spectral signature is dependent on crop and climatic zones. The following curves show the generic trends. 


Vultus Nitrogen Index

Based on years of research, 20 years of historic spectral data and extensive field replications, we built the Vultus Nitrogen Index, that is optimized for nitrogen distribution. It is a common misconception that the usual plant health information can be used for nitrogen distribution. Although a correlation exists, it is incredibly weak, therefore, farmers face a huge risk of misapplication, as illustrated.  

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API Integration

Our analysis is exclusively available through our API. The system is built for high performance, high volumes of data and easy integration. Formats and data structures follow open source standards, specifically JSON. Contact us, for more information about the API integration. 

Our Processing Pipeline

Although largely proprietary and highly complex, our processing pipeline follows an intuitive logic. First, we receive requests through our API, this initiates data fetching and processing. The fetched data goes through a pre-process including our self-developed cloud masking and removal algorithms. Then, geometric, radiometric and atmospheric calibration takes place, which ensures high quality and ability to compare data over time. Following comprehensive calibration, we apply models to the data, either the nitrogen calculation, based on our Vultus Nitrogen Index, or plant health analysis following NDVI among other available plant health indices. The final data is reformatted and sent back through the API. The farmer then can view, analyze and implement the analysis.